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SPAR takes a step into the future.

SPAR Switzerland, part of one of the largest retail groups in the world, uses the Grassfish IXM Platform, computer vision technology and an advertisement booking platform, to create a highly personalised shopping experience in its 180+ stores.

The Challenge

The vision was to achieve a tailored customer experience through targeted content, increased brand and product sales with an emphasis on sustainable marketing of the advertising spaces.

The Solution

Store content is automatically created from the ERP-System on a daily basis via an intelligent interface. Content is then displayed based on the customer profile using a range of sensors whilst in front of the signage displays.

This makes it possible for brands such as Coca-Cola or Nestlé to book their advertising slots according to target groups and display highly personalised advertising at the POS.

What excites me most is the good service and support at Grassfish, because that is a decisive factor for a well-functioning system.
Mr Marcel Küng
Marketing Manager Graphics, Photography, SPAR Handels AG

SPAR Group employs 2400 people and owns 186 SPAR stores in Switzerland. SPAR is committed to neighbourhood food supermarkets, a wide selection of fresh produce, friendly and knowledgeable staff & a personalised customer experience.

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