The Grassfish Collaboration module

Enables teamwork around the world.

Act local – think global. This principle is a key element of digital communication. Strategies, guidelines, templates and even master contents can be developed centrally, the local implementation is often in the responsibility of local teams.

The Grassfish Collaboration module supports the collaboration of several editorial teams with powerful tools. It supports workflows for content creation and selection. It supports intelligent templates with specific editorial rights for different teams. It provides an overview of what’s happening where. Simply said, it makes life easier for all participants and reduces efforts significantly.

For the brand, this results in transparent communications and higher visibility, providing insights which contents are adapted, created and used in all parts of their organisation.

How does the module work?


The Grassfish Collaboration module consists of several functions supporting the cooperation of editorial teams.

Country-specific media rights management
Definition of each media file, in which countries it can be used, optionally with a validity date range for proper media licensing.

Intelligent Templates
A very special Grassfish feature. Handling rights setting can be defined in detail for each part of the template, so different editorial teams have clearly defined possibilities to customise content.

Content localisation
Another unique Grassfish feature, allowing content to be easily created and managed locally with the help of templates. All while being easily visible and manageable centrally.

Order and approval workflows can be defined flexibly. This includes automated content generation and playout as part of the approval process.

Content Reporting
Reports and dashboards provide visibility on content generation and usage for the headquarters.