Campaigns – sparking attention and purchase intent


Campaigns aim to inspire action from the audience. The key lies in crafting messages that encourage engagement. A successful retail campaign captivates the audience, boosts sales, and shape consumer perceptions.

Optimal locations for impactful campaigns

Optimising the impact of retail campaigns relies on strategic placement within the store environment. With digital solutions, messages can be customised according to variables such as stock availability and the time of day. From the welcoming facade to the checkout counter, each location presents an opportunity to captivate customers and drive purchase intent. Let’s explore the prime spots where campaigns can spark attention and inspire action.

With the help of gamification, customers are prompted to actively participate and interact with the brand, fostering a positive and memorable relationship. This customer-centric approach not only increases loyalty but also contributes to long-term success and profitability for the business.

Entrance & Storefront
The storefront is the public face of the store, the first welcoming greeting to passersby. It’s where the first impression is formed and expectations are set for the experience inside the store. By strategically placing campaigns here, retailers can effectively attract passersby, encourage them to pause, and draw them into the store’s world. By showcasing current promotions, new arrivals, and popular products, a compelling invitation is created that encourages customers to explore further.

End caps and Aisles
In retail, positioning digital signs at the end of aisles is a powerful strategy. These signs not only direct customers around the store but also draw attention to specific products or promotions that retailers want to highlight. They catch customers’ attention as they pass by, potentially influencing their purchasing decisions.

Used effectively, these aisle-end signs can guide customers to explore various sections of the store they might not have previously considered. Additionally, they introduce customers to products they might not have noticed otherwise, enhancing the overall shopping experience and helping them discover great deals they’ll appreciate.

Point of Sale
Ever found yourself at the checkout, eyeing that magazine or a bag of candy? Advertising, found near the checkout counter or cash register, is a smart way to encourage impulse purchases. Whether it’s displaying last-minute deals, suggesting complementary products, or highlighting loyalty programs, it’s all about gently encouraging customers to add a little extra to their basket. The aim is to catch the customer’s eye and tempt them with items they might not have planned to purchase. It’s that split-second decision to grab something extra just before pay. That’s the power of point of sale advertising – it takes advantage of the moment when shoppers are most likely to make unplanned purchases.

Waiting areas
Waiting areas aren’t just places to pass the time; they’re golden opportunities for businesses to shine. By strategically placing attention-grabbing campaigns in these spots, businesses can transform the spaces into vibrant centers that encourage consumer engagement and drive purchasing decisions.