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The retail industry is undergoing tremendous change due to new consumer behaviors and expectations. A cohesive customer experience between online and in-person is the key for success – where all channels have different roles to play.

Your strategic partner within Digital In-store.

Brands and retailers turn to Grassfish as their channel specialist within Digital In-store. We take our starting point in your brand, offer and customer journey. Together we define the future role of the store and how Digital In-store solutions can create long term value for your brand.

In strategic workshops together with all stakeholders we rethink and define the vision and desired future customer experience. With our Digital In-store expertise we identify the digital touchpoints as part of the full customer journey from an omnichannel perspective.

Seamlessly connecting the online and in-person experience.

The role of the store is changing due to new customer behavior. Customer interactions take place across all channels which requires a seamless experience. Every channel serves unique purposes in the customer journey. Digital In-store solutions is a key enabler – bridging the gap between online and in-person.

Based on the customer journey and store concept, we define the digital touchpoints and strategic framework for the full digital in-store concept. Defined by a clear purpose for every specific touchpoint in the solution, the situation, communication, technology and desired result.

A well thought-out digital in-store strategy is the key to a successful implementation of an unified customer journey - it bridges the gap between online and in-person.
Roland Grassberger
Chief Innovation Officer

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