Configurators – where customisation is the key

Product configurators empower customers to become the architects of their purchases, enabling them to customise and visualise products or services in real-time. From retail and automotive to interior design and beyond, this technology is embraced across industries, aiming to deliver tailored experiences.

5 impacts

Elevated customer engagement

Configurators enhance the customer experience by empowering users with direct control over the product customisation. Shoppers no longer need to wait for assistance from staff; they can independently initiate the customisation process, exploring various options and configurations at their own pace. This freedom enables them to visualise the end result in real-time, fostering a deeper sense of ownership and engagement in the product they are designing.

Strengthens the seamless customer journey

One significant advantage is the ability for customers to start product configurations at home and seamlessly continue in-store. This eliminates disruptions, allowing exploration at their own pace. By bridging online and in-store interactions, configurators ensure a consistent journey, leading to greater satisfaction and engagement.

For example, when designing furniture online, customers can save configurations and refine them in-store. Similarly, when designing a car at the dealership, quotes are sent to both the customer’s email and the salesperson, involving everyone in the process.


Transforms ideas into reality

With configurators, imagination takes centre stage, bringing ideas to life. Visuals matter, especially when making decisions. When it comes to significant purchases, it’s natural to become more detail-oriented. Customers want to see what they are buying. During home renovations, it’s helpful to be able to visualise every angle of a kitchen. Which materials will look the best, and which choices will be the best? Car showrooms may have many cars in stock, but perhaps not the dream car. What would the car look like after all personal choices? Similarly, when customising shoes, customers can experiment with various colours, materials, and styles, ensuring that each pair reflects their unique taste. With configurators, customers can turn their visions into reality, ensuring that every detail reflects their unique preferences and style.

Dynamic pricing

Configurators illustrate how choices impact prices. In the automotive sector, customers customise their dream car with features like colour options, interior trim, technology packages, and more. As they personalise their vehicle, they instantly see how each choice affects the final price, ensuring transparency and informed decision-making throughout the customisation process.

Sales support

Equipped with a user-friendly interface, staff seamlessly guide customers through the customisation process. For optimal visualisation, the configurator is ideally connected to a larger display. This technology empowers staff to provide detailed insights into each option, addressing any questions or concerns customers may have.

Additionally, the configuration process is streamlined through automation, reducing the likelihood of human errors in quotes or orders. Furthermore, the solution serves as an effective training tool for staff. By actively using the configurator and exploring various customisation scenarios, the team becomes more familiar with product options. This hands-on training approach enables staff to deepen their understanding of the product range and better assist customers in creating tailored solutions to meet their needs.