The Grassfish Experience module

Enabling relevant experiences with connected in-store intelligence.

Digital engagement is the new essential when it comes to capturing the attention of modern shoppers. From welcome terminals and virtual shelves to information kiosks and digital signage, retailers are turning to the power and flexibility of digital to enhance the in-store shopping experience and extend the online world to their bricks-and-mortar stores.

Digital devices however often fail to communicate with each other or with other applications within the store. This means that powerful marketing information and business data is not utilised and the customer doesn’t experience a seamless journey. The Grassfish Experience module uses your hardware and data intelligently. It connects all devices and sensors across the store, allowing the environment to adapt automatically to the interests and needs of your customers. All data is collected for extensive reporting – providing insights for future business decisions.

How does the module work?

A connected store brings the best of digital into physical retail by building intelligent, responsive environments that increase customer engagement and value. By connecting all store and customer touchpoints, retailers can provide real-time insights to influence the shopper journey.

The Grassfish Experience module delivers your in-store ‘Internet of Things’ environment. Enabling you to digitally engage and interact with customers, measuring and adapting to their behaviour, whilst supporting your store operations.

The Experience module provides a vast set of interfaces in-store and on the central platform. Sensors, like RFID and camera-based, interactive applications, digital signage screens and other data sources are interlinked. Centrally, rules are defined to adapt the store in real-time. Content, light, sound and scent systems as well as interactive applications react immediately. All data gathered is transferred to the platform and can be viewed and analysed in configurable dashboards and reports.

Key Benefits

  • Dynamic content delivery – targeted promotions and relevant information
  • Personalised customer service – added value, increasing the opportunity to upsell
  • Customer engagement on a new level – by connecting the digital and physical world
  • Enhanced store experience – interlinking visual, sound, light and scent dynamically
  • Real-time actionable store data – single data collection platform for analytics and business intelligence