Digital In-store services.

Together with our customers – we enable extraordinary customer experiences every day.



We genuinely want to help you as a customer to succeed every day. Always willing to dig in, troubleshoot issues and solve problems in your daily operations. We take great pride in listening to our customers to determine the real needs and go the extra mile, whenever needed.


As Digital In-store becomes more business critical, proactive monitoring of your solution is a key success factor. Ranging from hardware alerts and online status of your installed network of devices to CMS, API and user activity monitoring.

Content Management

Engaging, relevant and effective communication requires a solid channel strategy, planning and great execution. Expand your in-house team with Grassfish resources, and let us support you in your daily work with everything from seasonal changes, day-parting and ongoing campaigns.


At Grassfish we are recognised for our user friendly and intuitive user experience. That said – joining our online or in-person user training is a great investment in your ability to realise the full potential of your Digital In-store solution.

Platform Management

Keeping your channel strategy in sync with the platform and data models is key. We are happy to assist and evolve your platform setup as you grow. Keeping it up to date with stores, zones, channels, scenarios, trigger, playlists etc. Taking care of user management, API updates, documentation and other needs.

Cloud and hosting

The Grassfish IXM Platform is a cloud based service. We take full responsibility for your security, data, updates and operation. Upon request, Grassfish IXM Platform can be hosted on-prem. Player updates are performed regularly as part of our service.

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