The Grassfish DOOH & SSP module

Revenue generation for your screen network.

Digital Out Of Home (DOOH) has become an established and fast-growing advertisement format. Advertisements on large displays and video walls are replacing traditional poster spaces, adding flexibility and motion. But also retail stores and other public areas are now locations, where screens show a mix of location-specific promotions and messages as well as 3rd party advertisements. This opens a new revenue stream for network owners.

At Grassfish we see a big trend towards intelligent mixes of editorial content, own advertisements and 3rd party advertisement – often coming from programmatic platforms (SSPs/DSPs). With the DOOH and SSP modules, the Grassfish IXM platform offers an outstanding solution for supporting and combining all content and advertisement channels. Channel mixes can be defined flexibly, even SSP integrations are transparent and no black boxes. Workflows support advertisement sales, the DOOH module’s pricing and scheduling options set the path to the future.

How does the module work?


The Grassfish DOOH module and the SSP module are two separate modules, supporting revenue generation of screen networks. They work together with all other IXM platform modules, allowing the mixed use of screen networks for information, brand-related promotion and 3rd party advertising.

The SSP module provides a controlled and transparent interface to programmatic advertisement platforms (DSP/SSP), allowing the network owner to define rules and control media playback. The DOOH module supports advertisement sales in a flexible and transparent way.

Key Benefits

  • Multi-language support
  • Management of agencies and direct customers with flexible discounting
  • Support of different pricing strategies like frequency, share-of-voice, programmatic in one system
  • Definable workflow with reservations and optional automated waiting list handling
  • Bookings generate playouts automatically. No need for manual digital signage CMS handling.
  • Special prices and discounts are easy to manage, calculation of advertisement taxes and VAT.
  • Capacity overview in a graphical chart, making the search for available spaces effortless.
  • Generation of quotations, order confirmations, playback reports and invoice preparations.
  • Combination with SSPs for automated selling of available spaces with the SSP module.