Digital Mannequins – lifelike product representations

Digital Mannequins are transforming the retail landscape by bringing a dynamic, interactive element to store displays. Unlike traditional mannequins, Digital Mannequins combine high-resolution screens and advanced motion sensors to showcase products in ways that captivate and engage customers, making them an essential addition to any modern retail environment. These mannequins can display a variety of outfits and accessories, change looks instantly and even respond to customer interactions. This results in an immersive shopping experience that stands out. 

4 benefits

Enhanced Customer Experience

Digital Mannequins can interact with customers, providing personalised fashion advice and suggestions based on customer preferences. Outfits and styles showcasing the latest trends and seasonal collections can be changed effortlessly to keep displays fresh and relevant.

Increased Sales

Eye-catching and engaging Digital mannequins draw customers into the store, increasing foot traffic and the potential for higher sales. Highlighting complementary products and accessories on Digital Mannequins can encourage customers to complete their look with additional purchases.

Cost-Effective and Efficient

Displays can instantly be updated with new content, showcasing multiple outfits in a single space. That saves time and reduces the space needed for additional physical mannequins.

Analytics and Insights

Through interaction data, insights into customer’s preferences and behaviours as well as the effectiveness of the displays can be gained. This allows for data-driven decisions, tailoring offerings and marketing strategies to optimise the in-store offering.