Lift and Learn – seamless product discovery


The concept of Lift and Learn signifies a dedication to innovation and an ideal fusion of technology with physical products. Customers have the opportunity to effortlessly explore and educate themselves, ensuring they discover the perfect product to meet their needs.

5 benefits

Enhanced customer experience

Investing in digital in-store automatically improves the customer journey. Lift and Learn technology allows for interactive experiences. When customers lift a product, sensors or RFID technology instantly display relevant information on a screen, enabling informed purchasing decisions at the shelf. This interactive and informative approach boosts customer satisfaction and loyalty.

Increased sales opportunities

Lift and Learn helps customers make smart buying choices, making them happier and reducing returns. With this technology, stores can mix physical and digital experiences seamlessly, making shopping more fun and engaging than ever. This extra engagement means customers stay in the store longer, develop more positive associations with the brand, and end up buying more.

Improved product education

Lift and Learn offers retailers a flexible platform to enrich customer knowledge about their offerings. When a customer interacts with a product, embedded sensors trigger informative videos that illustrate its functionality and benefits. Additionally, customers can access in-depth product guides, user manuals, or customer reviews, all available with a simple lift. When someone picks up two products from the shelves simultaneously, the screen could display a comparison between the two items. By employing these educational tools, Lift and Learn transforms the retail space into an immersive learning environment, empowering customers to confidently select products that align with their preferences and needs.

Differentiation and Innovation

Using Lift and Learn technology demonstrates a commitment to innovation and enhancing the retail experience. By integrating this technology, retailers show their dedication to improving customer engagement and standing out from competitors. With Lift and Learn, retailers elevate their offerings, providing customers with unique and engaging experiences that make them stand out in the competitive retail landscape.

Effective inventory management

The Lift and Learn technology not only benefits customers but also streamlines inventory management for retailers. By tracking customers’ interactions with products in real-time, stores can gather valuable data, such as which items attract interest. For example, if a particular product consistently receives high levels of interaction but low sales, it may indicate the need for marketing efforts or adjustments to pricing. Empowering retailers to make data-driven decisions ultimately enhances overall efficiency and profitability.