The Grassfish Digital Signage module

The dynamic and scalable way for managing screen networks.

A modern digital signage network is a significant element of the customer journey and in-store experience. Achieving communication goals in different zones of the store require different display sizes and technologies – from impressive LED walls to small interactive devices. A stunning visual experience needs high-quality presentation with a variety of content types, but also smooth transitions and synchronisation of different touch points.

High stability and green capabilities are musts for future-orientated projects. Security features and long-term upgradeability are the basis for long-lasting successful operations.

The Grassfish Digital Signage Module fulfills all these requirements and many more. Based on 15+ years of customer-focused and futureproof development it became the software of choice for successful brands and their national and global projects.

How does the module work?


With the Digital Signage module, Grassfish offers the software of choice for leading brands. It’s one of the few products available that has been proven to be a stable solution for large digital signage projects and a best-fit for today’s advanced requirements in large organisations. Managing an unparalleled set of different output devices, the Digital Signage module also integrates easily in a professional IT landscape.

Through its highly flexible structure it can be adapted to the customer’s requirements – from centralised projects to multi-level retail implementations with editorial responsibilities on the headquarter, the country organisation and the dealership level.

Key Benefits

  • Fully web-based platform, user-friendly drag & drop interface
  • Multi-language support, including Chinese, Cyrillic, Japanese, Hebrew and Arabic character sets
  • Extensive user rights management system, adapting the system to your organisation
  • Strict separation between daily editorial work, system management and administration
  • Flexible management of location and network structures with user-definable properties
  • Dynamic content management, supporting a broad range of formats
  • Integrated template and content composer, easily extensible with JavaScript modules
  • Exceptional content scheduling options up to real-time selection of targeted messaging
  • Support of interactive applications, adaptable in the content composer
  • Real-time monitoring of the network, devices and data connections with automated alerting
  • Configurable reporting on proof-of-play, content usage and interactive applications
  • Green energy support with automated stand-by and shutdown/wake-up features for displays and player hardware