The Grassfish Sales Companion module

Improved customer experience at your fingertips.

Customer experience is the sum of all perceptions and interactions in the store – the interaction with a sales person is one of the most important components. Sales people should inspire and inform and – finally – close a deal. Often, this is a not an easy task. Best fitting products have to be suggested, features explained, background information provided.

That’s where the Grassfish Sales Companion module steps in. It is a mobile application running on a sales tablet or mobile, acting as an intelligent remote control for the digital screens in the store. Sales staff can adapt the promotions on the screen, call up explanation videos, compare product features or suggest fitting accessories. The shopping experience can be personalised, for example with impressive product hand-overs, customer greetings or promotion highlights. Exceptional value for your sales staff, tailored to your brand, products and processes. Available at the tip of a finger.

How does the module work?


The Grassfish Sales Companion module turns the in-store digital installation in an interactive tool for the sales staff. It increases the value of in-store digital dramatically for the on-site personnel. The Sales Companion module is a software and infrastructure framework, which allows the easy development of a mobile application tailored exactly to the sales journey and needs of your store. It works in a step-by-step wizard mode.

Key Benefits

  • Initiate a pre-defined product hand-over experience
  • Show an explanation video for a specific product functionality
  • Promoting a specific product
  • Suggest related products, like accessories or fitting to a look
  • Define a customer greeting
  • Change the visual or sound communication to a target group or customer

The Grassfish Sales Companion module is used with the sales staff’s tablets or other mobile devices. Through the Grassfish IXM user rights management, sales people have a defined set of tools for their store at their hands. Grassfish’s special FAST technology provides an instantaneous reaction – sales people initiate an action, the system delivers instantly. All actions can be monitored and reported, so you see – for example – which products are the most interesting for your customers.

To guarantee the best solution for you, Grassfish and its partners provide deep-dive consulting, based on our long-term experience. Together with you, the best applications for your sales staff will be defined and implemented. The result is your tailored Sales Companion.