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the customer experience.

At Lindex the vision ‘To empower and inspire women everywhere’ – is a guiding star in everything the fashion retailer does. Always looking for new ways to meet customers’ expectations. Digital in-store is one way of creating an inspiring and memorable shopping experience.

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The Challenge

Right from the beginning, the fashion brand sought to optimise operations and free up resources for the staff by shifting from printed posters to digital touch points. Additionally, the goal was to enhance sales through the creation of an engaging and captivating in-store atmosphere.

The Solution

Each surface in the store has its own purpose. Shop windows and entrances act as attention grabbers. Customers are drawn into the store by offers and the latest collection. A brand wall is communicating brand values and helps creating the right feeling in the store.

At the cash register, Lindex emphasises its social responsibility, with a promise to make a difference for future generations through women’s empowerment, respect for the planet, and the protection of human rights.

The Result

The digital in-store investment has led to a unified brand experience across channels. Effective internal processes have been established to manage the content, ensuring that it truly embodies the heart and soul of the company. With the integration of new technology, store operations have become more efficient, allowing for more dedicated customer focus. The investment has also sparked new ideas on how innovative technology can create an easy, inspiring, and seamless experience of the Lindex brand.

The entire retail industry is in an exciting time of digitalisation and at Lindex we work together to exceed our customers’ expectations. We want to offer an easy, inspiring, and seamless experience of the Lindex brand.
Ida Vilhelmsson
Store Business Developer, Lindex

More than 65 years ago, Lindex started as a lingerie company in Sweden. Today, Lindex has 440 stores across 19 markets, with various concepts and a workforce of 4,300 employees. The woman is everything to the brand and they want to empower and inspire women everywhere.

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