J.Lindeberg reinvents the role of the store.

Fashion brand J.Lindeberg reinvents the role of the physical store by elevating the digital and physical shop as an important part of the brand experience. It allows customers to experience the brand and build a close relationship.

The Challenge

Customers are expecting a seamless omnichannel experience with the ability to explore and order from the full online range in store. J.Lindeberg aims to bridge the digital and the physical store as a vital part of the brand experience.

The Solution

The new concept creates an arena for customers to experience and build a close relationship with J.Lindeberg.

The customer can explore the full assortment and purchase from the integrated Endless Aisle solution. Large digital surfaces allow J.Lindeberg to present life-size digital models where environment and context strengthen the offer both visually and emotionally.

The concept mixes the physical with the digital to create a harmonised customer journey and add value for the customer.

The concept is based on contrasts between traditional and unconventional, industrial and refined. A certain bohemian elegance has been allowed to permeate the space and add to the atmosphere.
Albert France-Lanord

Designed in Stockholm for an active lifestyle. Bridging fashion and function with a rebellious sophistication. J.Lindeberg was founded 1996 by Johan Lindeberg with a vision to change the establishment of the fashion and golf industries.

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