Digital advertising and entertainment with Schindler.

The Swiss company Schindler AG is opening up a whole new field of business with Digital Signage solutions in their lifts. They use the increased attention in the cabin to enable targeted communication.

The Challenge

The dwell time and the possible attention is generally higher in a lift cabin than in public spaces. In addition, the building and destination are known, so the environment enables targeted communication.

This has prompted Schindler, as one of the major players in the global market, to develop digital touchpoints for integration in and on their lifts. Schindler was looking for an innovative, open, integration-capable software system that could be expanded with sensors easily integrated to APIs and various other interfaces as well as SSP, ERP and DAM systems.

The Solution

Together with the Schindler Ahead team, specialists from Grassfish designed and implemented the digital customer experience in lifts and on escalators. Various digital touchpoints were therefore deployed inside and outside of these installations. Starting with the lift door, where content is projected directly onto the door by a beamer, to infotainment displays inside the lift, the stay was transformed into a digital experience.

In addition, the various digital touchpoints can be marketed and distributed via an advertising time marketing system behind them.

We are extremely satisfied with Grassfish CMS solution, as it is highly scalable and the partnership with Grassfish adapts to the development path of this project.
Nadine Broch
Product Manager, Schindler

Founded in 1874 in Lucerne, Switzerland, Schindler is one of the world’s leading providers of lifts, escalators, moving walks, and maintenance and modernisation services. The group employs 65,000 people worldwide and has more than 1,000 offices in more than 100 countries.

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