The Volkswagen Customer Journey Infinity Loop

Explore, trigger, experience, and purchase – so many points of interaction with the customers. Welcome to a showroom experience that’s engaging, efficient, and customer-centric.

Explore Volkswagen’s Digital In-Store Journey

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The Challenge

Volkswagen’s dealerships draw a crowd. However, most visitors aren’t there with the intention of purchasing a new car, they are booked for tire changes or vehicle servicing and repairs.

This situation presents a golden opportunity to attract “the hidden potential”. The goal is to turn them into leads and ultimately transform them into loyal customers, with the help of digital touchpoints.

The Solutions

Volkswagen’s digital in-store concept includes around twenty different channels and interactive solutions. The goal is to empower each customer to navigate their journey the way they want. The Volkswagen Customer Journey Infinity Loop consists of the stages: Explore, Trigger, Experience, and Purchase. This involves everything from the storefront, entrance, waiting areas, to the car exhibition. The messages vary and aim to attract visitors into the showroom, welcome them, build the brand, increase loyalty, and highlight the range of cars available. With interactive solutions, it becomes easy to display a wider range of cars, educate customers, and generate valuable leads.

We empower our customers by providing the same experience and toolset, whether they engage with us online or offline
Ruben Svartholm
Head of Dealer Digitalisation, Volkswagen Nordic

Volkswagen, the ‘People’s Car,’ has a longstanding mission to make cars available to everyone. Today, this commitment endures with a diverse range of vehicles designed for all. The brand now operates in more than 150 countries. Electric mobility, smart mobility, and the digital transformation of the brand are the key strategic considerations for the future.

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