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LET’S DOIT’s forward-looking DIY-Store

The 3e Group, one of the big players in the Austrian DIY market turned its tool and garden stores into the store of the future under the LET’S DOIT brand with a comprehensive omnichannel concept, supported by the Grassfish IXM platform.

The Challenge

The 3e Group, one of the big players in the Austrian DIY market, is developing a revolutionary new store concept for the LET’S DOIT umbrella brand. A digitally assisted shopping experience that delivers real added value for customers was at the centre of the conceptual considerations.

The Solution

The LET´S DOIT tool and garden store offers a unique shopping experience consisting of physical and digital elements that invite customers to get to know products, test them, and quickly compare them. Digital natives in particular, who are increasingly asking for digital sales support, will find what they are looking for here. The store concept consisting of newly developed digital touchpoints such as the Virtual Shelf, a Scan and Learn Station, Call to Action and Sales Support are in use the modern stores.

Grassfish accommodated us from the very beginning in the conception of the digital solutions. In this way, we live up to our claim of being Austria's most modern and innovative tool store.
Markus Dulle
CEO 3e

The 3e Group is an association of specialist retailers in the hardware sector who also own the company. With a turnover of 709 million euros (2021), of which 525 million in Austria alone, the 3e Group is one of the big players in the Austrian DIY market.

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