How To Survive the Hype –
A guide through everything shiny within
the digital signage fashion retail industry

Marco Burkhardtsmayer, founder of the agency MuSe Content, takes the stage after Per Önnemyr from Impact.

The transition between speakers was seamless as Marco built upon Per’s exploration of human needs and took us deeper into the realm of digital customer experiences. He invites us into an insightful journey through the agency’s approaches when collaborating with diverse brands.

Step into the world of Breuninger, a renowned luxury department store with German roots, and discover their extraordinary digital transformation. Breuninger has embraced cutting-edge technology, wayfinders, video walls, smart stations, mobile mood displays, and even intelligent fitting room assistants. These innovative features reflect their commitment to crafting unforgettable in-store experiences.

Zara, the popular Spanish fashion chain, has also been making significant strides in the retail landscape. For the past two years, Zara has been focusing on self-checkouts and transitioning their content from traditional 2D formats to immersive 3D experiences. While AI currently captures most attention, Marco asserts that the true paradigm shift will be driven by Adobe.

Marco illustrates the transformation of a conventional signage CMS system, which has undergone a remarkable evolution to emerge as a digital experience platform. As projects advance, their needs grow, driving the integration of more systems to enhance functionality, efficiency, and user satisfaction.

Omnichannel, sustainability, how the stuff is working, and content production are all rapidly accelerating. Marco encourages all retailers, integrators, and content specialists to reflect on what it means for their companies. “What does it mean to my company?”

We learned that many strong brands are now embracing communities to foster customer loyalty. Marco shared his personal favourite loyalty program, Swoosh.Nike, highlighting how he connects with the brand and engages on a deeper level. Recently, Nike launched the Air Force 1 collection of digital shoes, and Marco was among the enthusiastic buyers. Swoosh.Nike strives to explore fresh storytelling approaches and cultivate genuine relationships with customers.

The presentation wraps up with the quote, “Customers happiness should be everyone’s KPI”. While we witness the emergence of new technologies and ongoing evolution, it’s crucial to remember that being the first is not the ultimate goal; instead, it’s about understanding and following our customers’ needs. By investing in the customer experience, we pave the way for our own success.