Sara Öhrvall,
Senior Advisor Axel Johnson

Sara Öhrvall, a senior advisor at Axel Johnson and one of Sweden’s foremost experts in digital development and driving digitalization in Swedish business, delivered a compelling introduction to the upcoming panel debate about AI.

“What will happen to us when we, for the first time, confront AI systems that possess more knowledge than we have ever seen before? How will both individuals and businesses change as artificial intelligence rapidly approaches human intelligence? And how can we responsibly use this superpower in the right way?”

The technological breakthrough has already occurred, and we are now reaping its rewards. The exponential growth of computational power has led to its widespread and impactful usage, making it more accessible and practical. It is easy to implement, and almost anyone can be a user.

We will witness significant changes in automated communication tailored for various channels. It is possible that in the future, your most valuable employee could be an AI robot. Servion predicts that, by 2025, AI will power 95% of all customer interactions.Content can be swiftly customized to meet the specific preferences of recipients, thereby increasing engagement and loyalty. AI can also serve as a pricing tool, recommending the optimal price at which you can sell the same number of units at a higher margin.

The customers of tomorrow will generate vast amounts of data, including emotions. With smart cameras, we will have the ability to interpret their moods through voice, veins, and eyes. Are they happy, nervous, or irritated? However, ethical considerations arise regarding the appropriate utilization of this data and its implementation timing. Building customer relationships relies on trust, even as technology opens for brutal transparency. This raises several moral considerations for users.

Sara also highlights the human value alignment problem. For example, when the Apple credit card was launched, it offered smaller lines of credit to women than to men. Additionally, Amazon’s experiment with an AI-based recruiting tool favoured men over women for technical positions like software developers.

The most important question for humans right now is, “How can we use our new powers in a meaningful way?” AI can help us solve many present challenges related to health and sustainability, but we must also consider personal privacy and personal space. It is up to us to use technology in the best possible way.

Sara expertly encapsulated the present AI landscape and the remaining questions for us humans to solve, leaving the audience wanting more.