Drive customer satisfaction with increased convenience, accessibility, and choice.

Endless aisle

Make your products available at all times by giving your customers the ability to virtually browse and order beyond what is physically available in the store. The endless aisle solution creates a unique live shopping experience for your customers. Combined with Click & Collect points the ordered products can easily be picked up and returned outside of regular store hours at the customer’s convenience.

Smart Vending

Vending machines are an important touchpoint in the customer journey. By extending the in-store solution with additional convenience and availability, communication and sales goals can be achieved in different areas of the store as well as at high-traffic locations outside the store. Brand awareness can be strengthened 24/7 with targeted advertising.

The dispensing of goods is just one function; the presentation of your products, brand messages, interaction via touchscreen and the possibility to generate customer data are the benefits of the Smart Vending solution. The flexibility of the location and the time-independent service allows products and promotional messages to be tailored to customer interests and demographics. The platform provides interfaces to product and user databases, inventory management, and offers all established payment methods, which ensures easy customer self-service. Thus, it fits seamlessly into your systems and omnichannel strategies.


Click & Collect

Click & Collect locations enable customers to choose their own pick-up date and time, according to their schedule. Additional services, like trying on fashion items, testing technical devices or paying on-site after picking up the goods from Click & Collect points, are possible. With the cross-channel sales solutions customers are enabled to combine their online and in-store shopping for a seamless customer experience.